FAQs for You!


Hello to all my wonderful clients/ perspective clientele!

First of all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make this huge career leap a major success! Whenever taking a risk there’s always a chance things won’t go as planned, but thankfully I have the best group of clients EVER, and it’s been such a busy and sweet THREE YEARS of Monarch!

Here we go!

Q) I called your cell but never heard back. What’s up with that?!
A) First, sooooo sorry bout it. I receive over 20 phone calls a day, and unless you’ve left a message or I have your number already it’s very rare for me to call back! The best best way to contact me is via email at monarchhairco@gmail.com or text the number you have for me instead. If you need to chat on the phone no worries, just make sure to leave a voicemail! If you don’t hear from me within a few days, feel free to shoot me an “ahem” to remind me! This is one of my weak areas but I promise I’m working hard to get better at it.

Q) Should I bring pictures of the look I’m trying to achieve?
A) Absolutely! Photos are a great way to start a conversation about your hair goals. Even if the texture or length is different than your actual texture, it will help us communicate so that I can get you as close to your goal as possible!

Q) What’s the difference between balayage and ombre?
A) Everyone will have a different answer to this question, but here is my basic explanation. Balayage is a color technique, and ombre is a style or look. Balayage means “to paint” in French, and even though you’re just now hearing about it, it’s an older technique the French developed! Beauty Supply describes it as “a free form high lighting technique. Usually a powder lightener is used to paint individual strands of hair. This technique can offer a more natural look to highlighting hair by doing away with the more uniform foiling process. Balayage is the technique that is used to achieve ombre hair color.” So hopefully that breaks it down a bit for you!

Q) Are you comfortable working with every hair texture?
A) Yes, definitely!! I’ve had extensive training at DryBar working with all textures from fine + flat to kinky fros! I don’t currently offer extension or sew-in services, but if you’re talking about color and cuts I’m your girl, no matter what texture of locks you have.

I wanted to give a few much overdue updates on our final location change, info on how to get to this location, and some updates in how to secure your next appointment.

We are officially in our sixth floor penthouse space!! It is set up like a penthouse loft, and the only two salon suites on our floor are Monarch Hair Co. and Wicked Peach Salon (Olivia’s salon suite, most of you have met her already or will meet her soon!) We are calling our sixth floor space the Penthouse Collective, and we are so excited for you to see it if you haven’t already. We are definitely still our own businesses, but this collective reception space offers us the chance to bring the type of customer service and excellence to you that we desire to give! It’s been about two weeks of fully working upstairs, and I’ve been needing to send this email ever since then 😉 My goal is still to record a video showing how to get to the sixth floor from the first floor, but for now I will give you a step-by-step that should be helpful!

To best reach us, you can take the elevator to the fifth floor and then look for the stairwell under the exit sign to the right once you get off the elevator. Once you have gotten to the sixth floor, we will be in the space to your left. Monarch is located at the far end of the Penthouse Collective directly back. Look for our fresh updated logo hanging on the back of the hallway 🙂

Another change has been put into place to help ensure that you, my loyal client, can get the appointments you are looking to book! Affective immediately I will be requiring a credit card to book future appointments, with nothing being charged to your card unless you no-show or cancel within 24 hours. If this happens, I will be authorized to charge up to 75% of the service total that you were booked for. I have had multiple scheduled (and new) clients simply not show up to their appointment, with no efforts to communicate with me and no response after I contact them. I send out helpful reminder emails and texts to help you out, and in turn I am expecting for my clients to show up. To the 98% of my clients who DO show up on time, book ahead, and give me adequate notice if they need to cancel…THANK YOU!! I couldn’t love my job without your amazing selves treating me SO well. I appreciate you more than you know 🙂 Sorry for any inconvenience this causes any faithful and consistent clients of mine, but I feel this is a necessary step to not losing out on a half day’s wages from here on out.

Hope this info helps! Again, a huge thanks to everyone who has made Monarch what it is quickly becoming. Without you it wouldn’t be anything!